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Quest4Earth - STEAM powered workshops focusing on environmental science, stewardship & justice.
MindRap - STEAM pioneer using culturally specific pedagogy to encourage interest in the sciences.


MindRap is Tiz Media Foundation’s premier program and one of the first STEAM programs in the country. The program begins by describing to students what they will be doing and explaining what they are expected to accomplish. They are then organized into teams. After a lesson on the social and emotional skills that one needs to work successfully in teams, students begin their multi-disciplinary journey by participating in engaging and interactive science or math lessons delivered by certified teachers. The lessons are followed by presentations by a series of MindRap consultants. These presentations are based on, and designed to extend, the math or science lessons.

Venn Diagrams
My Amygdala
North Lawndale College Prep
Geometry Algebra
Odd and Even
Prime Numbers Graphing
Speech & the Cell Phone


Together, we can make great things happen. Please join us in our commitment to empower students through knowledge, imagination, and creativity! Help support Tiz Media Foundation so we can continue to provide new programs that inspire our youth and improve our communities.

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Quest4Earth Dance University of Wisconsin, Madison
Quest4Earth (Middle School), Skokie, Illinois
Quest4Earth (Middle School) Greenhouse Gas Experiment
Quest4Earth hip hop elements( Mason Park)
Quest4Earth (flow Mason Park)
Quest4Earth Haikus (5th graders)
Quest4Earth Habitat Restoration Project (5th graders)

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